This Ain't Your Grandma's Seminar...

“In 6 ½ Days You'll Have Your Own Information Products Business Up, Running and Making Money!”

Fred Gleeck's Info Product Bootcamp will send FOUR people home with a full-length audio product, a website to sell it, orders to fill when they get much, much more!

"AFTER implementing some of Fred Gleeck's novel Internet and product sales ideas, my product revenue more than doubled and has finally surpassed my total speaking-related revenue. This has not only increased the TOTAL amount of revenue I bring in, it has also allowed me to travel LESS and NET MORE revenue! That's something that EVERY speaker should aspire to. I highly recommend Fred's model for product creation and marketing to any speaker."

--Tony Alessandra, PhD, CSP,
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

"By following Fred Gleeck's method for starting and running a successful Internet marketing business, I created a steady stream of $4,000+ a week net passive income within 6 months. This means I will make well over $200,000 this year with a spare-time online business, and to earn it, I work less than an hour a week!"

--Bob Bly
See Bob's Book

Listen and watch some of the sessions:

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Comments from Fred Info Bootcamp Attendees:

"Fred Gleeck is the real deal. He walks the walk and talks the talk. I have been to numerous seminars and none have produced a single pennies income for me. The Fred Info Boot Camp actually forced me to develop a product, write a sales letter, and put it up on the web. I fully expect to make a $100,000.00 this next year using the system I learned at the Boot Camp. Feel free to email me for my candid opinion of Fred and his training. With no hesitation, I can say this is going to change my approach to my business and my expectations are very high. I invite you to follow my progress as implement what Fred has taught me."
-Bill Wise

"We are three days, half way, into the InfoBootcamp. First, preparing for the bootcamp got me to open an Adwords account, put up a probe campaign to understand my market, write a simple website for the probe campaign, open up a webmarketing magic account, and a merchant account. That was before arriving!

Since we have been here, we have all been focusing our attention to complete our outlines for our audio product and writing the sales copy for the sales site. Pushing through to complete everything by the end of the bootcamp will shorten the learning curve so that the next product will take less time to do. I can see doing at least one product a month instead of one product a quarter which is what would have happened without this bootcamp.

Thanks, Fred, for letting me attend.
Gil Kreiter

"The boot camp was not just an academic forum - each of the participants actually built a real online business. I would have spent countless hours getting to this point. Now I can focus on my product and not on the mechanics of setting up an online business. I was also fortunate to get great marketing advise even before going live with my site. Fred's is a superb marketer; clearly his advice is based on decades of real life experience. He shares his best practices and clearly explains the reasoning behind his advise. I recommend Fred to anybody who wants to jump-start an online business, or increase traffic to an existing online business. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more details from me."
Jagdish Mirani
jagdish_mirani (at)

(Attended this event January 17-24, 2008)

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Dear Marketing Friend,

Had it with "all talk and no action" product creation seminars? Most of them are a lot of theoretical horse crap. And the little bit of good info you do get is drowned in loads of hype.

If you're *really* lucky, you get some good information - maybe when you leave you go home knowing how to go about creating a line of products that work with your business.

So what's the problem there?

The problem is even if you get good info you go home and NOTHING HAPPENS.

That's the big problem with most seminars or bootcamps that you attend. Just about every single time you go to one, you do nothing with the material.

So Why Does This Happen?

It happens mainly because people are just lazy. But even if you're not lazy, a lot of times life gets in the way. Sometimes it just seems like there's too much work or you don't know where to start.

I mean, you've probably got a day job to worry about, right?

So you know how to do it (well, *some* of it), but it never gets done. The CDs & books you buy sit on the shelves for months and collect dust.

Maybe you listen to them - maybe you're one of those "seminar junkies" - going from one seminar to the other, "getting high" on the information and the "buzz" but never taking action.

I Want To See This Change!

And frankly I've had it. I can't stand teaching people HOW to create and market info products only to see very few people take action. So, I've decided to offer something to those who are TIRED OF LISTENING and want to ACTUALLY DO IT.

If that's you, then keep reading!!!

What will this event do for you? Take a good look!

You'll Learn Key Concepts for How to Create an Information Product Empire! (Here are just some of them):

Plus You'll Leave with the Following...

Comments from Participants at Fred's Previous Events

"Fred Gleeck is hands down one of the best teachers l have ever heard. He gives you solid, useful and practical ideas in a fun, fast paced, no nonsense professional manner."
Joanne Mac Donald

"I've been an international speaker and educator for 24 years. In my extensive travels I have received great coaching and tuition from speakers like yourself . . . It is from the depth of my heart when I say that I have never met anyone who gives with such energy joy and love as you do - and what is more important, it is batched in integrity for it comes from your heart to ours. Thanks Fred for being who you really are and blessing us with your essence"
Roger Anthony

John Seiler

Christi Sealy

Edmund Woo

Bill Ranieri

Gail Perry

Alan Hereford

DJ Frost

Now, Don't Expect This to Happen With No Work on Your Part. You'll Have PLENTY to do at the Event - and Plenty to do Before You Arrive.

If this bothers you, then DON'T request a seat! This event is ONLY for a MAX of FOUR MOTIVATED people who are willing to take some action and want to leave with a product in their hands (and orders to fill when they get home)!!!

Your Homework before you attend will be sent to your email address within a week of signing up for this event.

You MUST do this assignment (which will require filling out some paperwork and answering some thoughtful questions about your business and the audio product you want to create) if you want to attend.

You CANNOT attend this event unless you do the pre-bootcamp assignments. It will be impossible for me to promise you results unless you do the work that precedes this event. After you register you will receive a set of materials to be filled out. Do them quickly and return them to me.

PLEASE BE WARNED: If you do not return these items to me at least 2 weeks before the start date, your space will be given to someone else and your deposit money will be lost. This is a non-negotiable item.


Because if you don't do this pre-work it shows me two things. First, you aren't really serious about creating an information product empire. And second, you're not the kind of attendee we're looking for at this event. We want people who understand that, although having products is a lucrative thing, it takes some effort to put them together. With that said...

What Can You Get Done in less than a Week?

Good question. Aside from having an *actual product* to sell, you'll learn a system that you can replicate again and again once you leave. You'll know exactly the steps to do - and unlike other seminars you've been to, you'll actually remember them. Why? Because you'll have done them once already!

All you will have to do is repeat what you did when you were at the event. The only difference is that you'll be doing them on your own. You can then create additional info products at will and launch them yourself. Your income will only be constrained by how much work YOU want to do.

Hear from a Few of my Guru Friends

I've also arranged to have some experts in various aspects of the info products business call in to speak to the group. You'll get to hear from some VERY well known names and they will share with you some incredibly valuable "nuggets" over the phone.

I've carefully selected people who will make it even EASIER for you to succeed in the info products field by getting advice directly from the people who know the most about certain select topics.

You'll also be given a chance to ask each of these folks your specific questions.

For one attendee, he said that one phone call alone from one of these experts was worth the cost of admission.

This Will be Fun but is NOT a Social Event

Your trip to Vegas is not a social event so don't make any other plans. Yes, we will have some time off to recharge our batteries (a movie or two - maybe a show on The Strip), but we will do it as a group - and I will determine the timing. No exceptions. If this doesn't fit with your idea of how you like to work, please take a pass.

Can You Make a Million Dollars?

It's certainly possible. BUT, rather than making you promises like the other supposed gurus out there, I'd like to promise you that in less than a week you'll learn a system that will allow you to create a money machine.

You'll be able to crank up the machine as often as you like . . . once you know the "system."

This Investment Will Pay Lifetime Dividends

Like with most people, my single most valuable asset is my time. A week out of my life is a HUGE investment. I only want to be doing this with people I LIKE and think will run with the ball when we're done.

I also realize a week is a long time for you as well. Not only are you paying me a bunch of money, you're also losing money by not doing your own work during that time. This should not be an easy decision for you, but you do need to make it quickly because if you don't - someone else will have grabbed your spot.

But think about it this way ... this investment will pay lifetime dividends. Not only will you be making money from the product that we create for you during this week - you'll leave armed with a system that you can repeat over and over and over again.

You may not have a money machine ... but almost!

Another Comment from a Fred Info Bootcamp Attendee:

Its day 5, and so far, I have:

  • created a product
  • created the copy of my sales/squeeze page
  • my own shopping cart system, auto-responder system, and can take money online right now.
  • had personal one on one advice from internet experts (other than Fred !)
    Terry Dean, Bob Bly, Glen Livingstone , Dave Hamilton and theres more to come...
  • have begun to plan out where I am going to take this - ie how to go forwards.
  • have developed videos for my niche
  • have developed online software for my niche
  • have written articles for submission

"One huge benefit of this whole process is the homework that you must do before you arrive - it gets you to REALLY think hard about what you are doing.

The questions you answer push you to get your product idea out of you and into the world.

Knowing that I would actually be working with the The Product Guru, and that I had a deadline got me to take a lot of action.

Fred puts you in touch with his personal network of contacts upfront, so even before I arrived, I was able to have a probe campaign up, several URLs reserved, and most important- I felt confident that I was actually going to get this up and running.

(I also have lists of research - sites, affiliates, books, forums and all sorts.)

We are at Fred's house, and are spending 7 days eating, sleeping and interacting.

Total immersion - no splitting up etc

No course or book could have EVER done this. I have probably spent more over the years than I have just coming here and getting it done.

We are six people and are pretty much together all the time.

Its motivating and beneficial because we can all learn from each other and discuss what we are doing.

We have a collective goal to get everything up and running as much as possible so that when we leave here we have maximised our time with Fred and Co. and also with each other.

Definitely this is incredible value: Its no question that I have a wealth of experience and credibility in my niche.

I have known about Fred's system for a while now, but to get around to settting this whole thing up..?? To be encapsulated in this bubble and get it all done and get moving, thats something I cant put a price on.

Fred is the genuine article and his no fluff approach creates results.

Thanks to Fred and all (including the other participants) - this has been great. "
-Jack Chapman

Dick Buckles

Hattie Parker

Dave Cones

John Dewey

John Soares

Andrew Hymers

Rachel Ebinem

This Event Has Only a Few Seats Left

Judging from initial response, I expect there to be a waiting list a mile long to attend this event. So you can sit on your butt and THINK about whether or not you're going to do this (and probably have to wait months or over a year to attend) OR you can take action now.

Remember, this event is only open to the first FOUR people. No exceptions!

Why won't I let more people come? You'd think I'd want to make more money, right? Absolutely! But it's impossible, given the nature of how we're running this event. There simply won't be enough time to launch more than FOUR people's info marketing empires.

Not all Talk - Hands On!

This will NOT be an “all talk” event where you sit in your seat keeping it warm. Everything will be “hands on”. Myself and a few other people will be working with you one-on-one to ENSURE your success.

NOTHING will be left to chance.

You will have a roadmap, a blueprint, a system, a strategy that has been tried, tested and WORKS! I know because I've seen it with my own products and other people I have coached (at least those who have actually taken action - which is a pitiful few).

Enough dickin' around. Frankly I've already got 4 seats for this event taken before this website was even put up. That means there are only 3 seats left ... they won't last.

When you paypal me the $1000 non-refundable deposit, you are NOT guaranteed a spot. First off, there are only four spots. Secondly, I will have to personally interview you over the phone to make sure you are "coachable". Why? Because I don't want anyone leaving this event without giving them what I've promised. Of course, if you're not accepted for any reason, your $1000 deposit will be promptly returned.

I apologize in advance if I think I honestly can't help you. And if I can't, I'll tell you ... you can't come.

How does this Compare to OTHER events out there?

If you see other seminars and events out there you'll notice that NONE of them are restricted to a maximum of 4 people. Why? Because the people who are promoting these events are looking to make the MOST cash possible.

So, am I not a CAPITALIST? Do I not want to make the most money possible?

I certainly do. BUT, I don't need to make that money tomorrow. I would rather do things right, have the word get out there and then make BIG money later.

This event is geared to creating raving fans for this event. I want everyone to be running a successful information products business when they leave. AND, to build a bigger and more successful business in very short order.

If you are considering attending this event, this is VERY good for you!

The Copy Alone is Worth The Price for the Entire Event!!!

Writing the copy for your product will be one of the most valuable things you'll get out of this event. I can't tell you how many products I have that I haven't written the copy for yet. They sit on the shelf begging to be sold. Sadly, I haven't had the time to write the copy for some of the products I've produced. This is because of the speed at which I crank products out.

You won't be alone in writing that copy. I've arranged for a world-class copywriter to sit in with us for a couple of days to make sure that your copy is good. You'll write it and rewrite it with their help until it is DONE!

This step alone would be worth the entire price of admission. And it's just ONE of the things you'll get from this event.

Product Creation Ain't Cheap Either

I charge my clients a LOT of money to help them put together audio products like the one we'll do for you at this event. You'll get to see first-hand how I work, and you'll get a two-hour audio product out of it.

Plus you'll get to see a number of other audio products created. What better way is there to learn how to do something that to be involved?

And at this weeklong workshop-style seminar, you're going to get your hands dirty.


All meals are included in the fee. Please let us know about dietary restrictions in advance. Most meals will be home cooked right at my house to allow you to get the maximum amount accomplished in the minimum amount of time.

Who Am I?

My name is Fred Gleeck. I've been creating and marketing information for the past 24 years. I have produced well over 1,000 audio and video programs for myself and my clients. I've written more than 15 books and have taught this system around the world. I'm known as "The Product Guru" and the "King of Content." You will learn the same system I am using for myself that I have used to create over 100 websites and nine separate market niches.

Since this is the first time I'll be doing this event I'll need to do some testing. That testing will mean that if you attend this first time you will get a break on the price. It won't be much, but I'd like YOUR help in figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Comments from Participants at Fred's Previous Events

"Fred Gleeck's knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!"
Don Hutson, Past President, NSA; Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning

"Thanks again for your genius, creativity, knowledge, and great presentation skills."
Naomi Rhode, Past President, NSA; CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame; 2005-2006 President of the International Federation for Professional Speakers

"When I sat through your presentation a few months ago, I had no products, and no websites. But as I learned more about your system, I was impressed by two things- that integrity was built-in to the success, and that you were personally using it yourself in several niche markets. So I followed exactly what you laid out- and 90 days later my online sales are in the thousands and growing rapidly! Wow! There are a lot of "experts" out there who are all smoke and mirrors. you're the real deal, Fred. Thanks."
Dave Hamilton, Tampa, FL

"Fred Gleeck's enthusiasm and broad interests are infectious. The seminar was well-paced, informative and inspiring -- thanks to Fred's deft hand and keen interviewing skills. Highly recommended."
John Ross Bowie

"All meat, specific recommendations, all documented in handouts, illustrated with real world outcomes and delivered with conviction! Fred is blunt and practical so get ready to get real when listening to him."
Jim Cathcart, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

"Entertaining . . . handouts loaded . . clearly understandable . . . available . . .confidence builder . . . Masterful presentation .. . Fred just keeps on giving."
Ty Boyd, C.S.P., C.P.A.E; Member: Speakers Hall of Fame, Broadcast Hall of Fame

"I can use the content and resources provided to me to make money 24/7 through cyberspeace. I now know what I have to do to make that work, and I can't wait to put this information to work."
Terry Paulson

"A lot of great, useful ideas in a short time - very information-dense."
Mark Sanborn, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

"Packed with information - more useable stuff than several industry conferences combined . . . very much appreciated the honesty/real tone; great backup of videos - imaginative. Best of all: got me excited again about the industry. One of the best seminars I've ever done."
Catherine Ten Eyck

"Fred's seminar is full of immediately useful money making information. This is the real deal!"
Ken Greco, Spotsylvania, VA

"More profitable ideas per minute than I could imagine."
Dru Scott Decker


You MUST make back the cost of the seminar within the next 12 months with the revenue you generate by attending this event or the difference will be refunded.

So, if you pay $4,000 to attend the event and only make $3500 over the next year, I'll send you a check for $500. Trust me, this will NOT happen, but if it DOES, you're covered. So, this event has NO financial risk involved!

To Repeat, What You'll Leave with on Day 7

I Practice What I Preach

Let's make one thing clear: as opposed to most supposed gurus on this topic, I don't make the bulk of my money teaching. I make the bulk of my money doing this stuff. Therefore the event is limited to four and it requires a personal interview. No exceptions.

Of course, if you don't pass the interview stage, I will promptly and immediately refund your deposit.

Seminar Investment

The cost for this event is $2997. That is the cost per person for a shared room. In the event the rooms at my house are filled up, then you'll be given $1,000 in credit to use to pay for a hotel room about a mile away. That price includes everything. It does NOT include evening activities or costs associated with setting up Webmarketingmagic.

This price is bound to go up. Given how quickly some of the other weeks filled up I expect this price to quickly get to as much as $10,000 per person in a short period of time.

There IS a $300 discount if you pay the entire amount in full when you first sign up.

Don't come now if you don't want to. BUT, don't complain to me later that "the price used to be just $X,XXX.

If you're serious, you need to sign up now.

Finished Copy Written for a Website: $4997
(You, with the assistance of a world-class copywriter, create a completed long-copy sales letter)

Finished Copy Written for a Squeeze Page: $500
(You, with the assistance of a world-class copywriter, create a squeeze page to capture names)

WebMarketingMagic Tutorial: $375
(Learn the effective use of a world class piece of software that will become the backbone of your online marketing business.

Audio Product: Interview and Master Created: $2500
(With the oultine that you create, Fred will interview you to create an audio program of up to 120 minutes)

40 hours of Small Group Coaching with Fred: $4000
(For the entire week you will have virtually unlimited access to Fred to answer any/all questions you have regarding your information marketing business)

Website Designed: $350
(Stanley, Fred's webmaster will help design either the long-copy site or the squeeze page you will use to market your product or capture names.)

6 Months of Hosting: $49 x 6 = $394
(Stanley will provide you with 6 free months of hosting for an UNLIMITED number of sites -

Room and Board: $150/night X 6 Nights = $900
(Since you stay with us, you don't have to pay for a hotel)

Rental Car: appx. $200
(We pick you up and bring you places, so no need for a car)

Exclusive Invitation to Fred's Las Vegas Bootcamp Alumni Network: PRICELESS
(Not trying to be "cute" here, but you will have access to a very select group of people who have attended this event. The group will help you answer questions and solve problems when you leave the event.)

Total Dollar Value You Receive When You Attend: $14,216

Cost of the Fred Info Bootcamp: $2,997

Where is This Event Held?

I hold this event at my house in Las Vegas. It's a decent sized house that has been set up to make this event work perfectly. There are four bedrooms in the house. I get to sleep in one of the rooms.

There are two bedrooms available for up to 4 people.

Everyone pays the same fee: $2997. However, IF you are one of the two people who does not get a room at my house, I'll give you $1,000 credit to use to pay your hotel and/or rental car.

You'll have to share a room in all likelihood.

If you want your own private room, you will have to pay double the price. The rooms are offered first come, first served. If you sign up first, you get first dibbs.

Payment should be made in full 30 days before the first day of the bootcamp. Please make payment with either a personal or business check to:

Fred Gleeck
209 S. Stephanie St.
Suite B-209
Henderson, NV 89012

When is This Event Held?

(Refer to Dates at the top of this site for next dates)

We will start at around 4pm on Thursday and end the following Thursday at noon. Make your flight arrangements accordingly. Make sure and send me your flight info. We'll make arrangements for you to get to my place.

(Please do not make any plans of any sort during the dates and times of the bootcamp. ALL of your time will be taken with making this system work for you. This includes, lunches, dinners, etc. This is for YOUR benefit.)

Recordings of the Event?

This event will NOT be recorded. The only people who will be able to get this information are those who attend in person. The SYSTEM that I will show you in this one week event does not lend itself to audio or video of any kind. It is HIGHLY participatory and requires your physical presence for you to get the most out of it.

How Can You Attend? Get Your Deposit in NOW!

Your deposit of $1000 must be made via Paypal. If you don't know how to use Paypal, you need to learn how. It is the only way a deposit is taken.

Your deposit is non-refundable. However, if after the interview I deem that you are not the right candidate for one of the highly coveted spots, I'll give you your money back. Fair enough? I think so.

Let's Talk NOW to See if this is Right for YOU Ready to Claim Your Seat?
Click here to Paypal your deposit now!

(Whatever week you sign up for, you cannot switch the dates.)

With only a few seats left, you need to get your deposit in now. Don't wait - there won't be any space. If you're the kind of person who wants to get going on your Information Product Empire and you're tired of NOT doing ANYTHING, then you NEED to be at this event!

See you in Vegas!

Fred Gleeck

PS. If you're tired of going to seminars that are "all talk" and you haven't gotten a thing to show for it, come to Vegas! I'll get your Info Product Empire going in just 6 ½ days. Put your deposit down now!